Where to find a pretty Ukrainian lady for dating and marriage?

So you’ve decided to find a beautiful, family-oriented, romantic but down to earth woman from Ukraine who would hopefully become your wife and soul mate. The question is, where to find a pretty Ukrainian lady who would be willing to make a commitment and move to your country in order to build a happy family. Well, the answer is obvious – in Ukraine. However, you still need a plan. Let’s see how to go about finding a decent woman in Eastern Europe for love and marriage.

Find a pretty Ukrainian lady

Why Ukraine?

There are plenty of countries in the Eastern European region with beautiful women who are still rather conservative when it comes to love life, dating and marriage. However, Ukraine has long been foreign men’s choice when it comes to finding a bride. Not only this country is globally famed for its gorgeous females, but it also attracts by its hassle-free visa process and relatively low prices. Belarus and Russia have a worldwide reputation for their women too, but getting a visa to this countries are more of a headache, and the cost of staying there (even short term) is higher.

But before you book a trip, there are certain steps you should take in order to increase the chances of finding exactly what you’re looking for. Blindly approaching one pretty Ukrainian lady after another on the streets of Kharkiv or Lviv wouldn’t be very efficient, right? When you come to Ukraine as a tourist it’s one thing, but when you have a romance in mind, it’s a completely different kind of game.

Choose the right international dating site

There is plethora of dating site on the net, and at you may find it a bit confusing. As you go through a few of them, you will easily notice that some of these sites are better than the other. They seem trustworthy and easy to navigate. We would recommend only using paid sites that allow direct communication with women from their database.

Pretty Ukrainian lady for marriage

You may be tempted to use free sites, but they are often overrun with scammers, bots and fake profiles. There is a possibility you may find a decent woman in a place like that, but why take chances? A site with a good reputation will take you through the entire online dating process, providing a lot of help and support, including the anti-scam protection.

What scams are we talking about? One of the most popular schemes is charging men per letter. There are thousands of profiles of gorgeous Slavic women, and you are supposed to pay for each and every message you send. And yes, you will get many replies, but the question is, who is the person who actually writes them? That you will never know, simply because these sites don’t allow to video chat or exchange phone numbers.

What you should do is to use only sites that charge a monthly subscription and allow talking to women you like.

A quality dating site will assist you at every stage of your relationship. From pinpointing your targeting, to translating your letters, arranging an airport transfer and booking a hotel room, these sites offer a lot of help.

Don’t make a mistake thinking you can find a pretty Ukrainian lady for serious relationship by simply wandering around the country on your own and meeting females. That won’t work if you’re in Ukraine just for a short stay.

Ukrainian girl for dating and marriage

Think of a destination

When on a dating site, apart from usual search criteria like appearance and age range, think of a city you would be most likely to make a trip to. After all, you want to make sure there is a decent number of beautiful women to justify your journey.

 Generally speaking, large Ukrainian cities have no shortage of attractive girls, but there is no harm in double checking. Some of the most popular destinations in Ukraine when it comes to finding a wife include:

Kiev (Kyiv)

The capital of Ukraine is a charming city with lots of options to offer. Here you’ll find plenty of good-looking ladies of all sorts and kids. Many of them will speak English, and this is exactly why most foreign men choose Kiev as their destination when looking for a good wife material.

Besides, there are lots of interesting places to diversify your dates when in Kiev: excellent restaurants with Ukrainian and international cuisines, beautiful parks and public gardens, museums and theatres. Also there are plenty of hotel, Airbnb apartments and even hostels to suit your pocket. With all that, Kyiv becomes number one in the list of destinations where you can find a pretty Ukrainian lady for dating and starting a family with.


This city in the Eastern part of Ukraine is often described as New York of the county. Here you’ll see lots of skyscrapers, urban buildings of steel and glass, as well as numerous business centres where beautiful ladies work. The city boasts a decent infrastructure for visits, and there are lots of sights for you to see between your dates. They speak mostly Russian in Dnipro, so it’s highly advisable to learn a few common phrases.


One more city that simply can’t be ignored when looking for a pretty Ukrainian lady for marriage is Lviv. If nothing else, Lviv will definitely win your heart with its stunning architecture and exquisite cuisine. The old city offers a perfect setting for romantic meetups – wherever you go, you will see charming roadside cafes, beautiful streets and squares, imposing architectural masterpieces, flowers and greenery. Many people will speak some English in Lviv, especially in the hospitality industry, so you’ll be able to find your way around. And it will be really appreciated if you learn a few words and phrases in Ukrainian – watch your lady’s eyes sparkle with delight when she hears them!


As the second large city in the country, Kharkiv offers a vast choice for someone who is interested in finding a perfect match. The city is famed for its nightlife, and if it’s your cup of tea, there won’t be any shortage of clubs and bars to visit.

Apart from that, by visiting Kharkiv you’ll increase your chances of meeting a well educated and accomplished young woman. Many girls from other regions of Ukraine flock to this city to study at the National University of Kharkiv, and you’ll be surprised by the variety of subjects they can easily converse about. More than that, a girl with a bachelor or master degree is more likely to speak some English. If you see that your lady understand what you say but is hesitant to reply, try to encourage her – sometimes a person is just a bit shy to start speaking a foreign language.


This city is known as “the pearl near the sea”, and it’s not by chance. Conveniently located near the Black sea, Odessa is all about slow-paced and relaxing lifestyle, beaches, sea breeze and nightlife. People from Odessa are known for their peculiar sense of humour and easy-going attitude. Here you can easily find a pretty Ukrainian woman to fall in love with!

Find your perfect match in Ukraine

Contact the girls you like

Once you’ve made up your mind about the destination, it’s time to start contacting ladies. When talking to girls on a dating site, make sure you make it clear you’re a serious man looking for a serious relationship. The words “marriage”, “soul mate”, “wife” and “family” should attract attention of honest, family oriented women. If you sound convincing enough, you’ll have a big advantage over foreign men who are still not entirely certain about their intentions.

Make a trip

After talking to women online for a while, it’s time to take that crucial step when you actually meet them in person. Once you start interacting with pretty Ukrainian ladies and taking them for dates, it will be easier to narrow your search. Give your time and attention only to the one who exemplify the character traits you are searching for. Don’t hesitate to terminate the connections you find futile. Stay focused, and by the end of your visit you’re likely to find a pretty Ukrainian lady worth making a second trip for.

A great deal of foreign men who visit Ukraine in searches of a dream woman are expecting immediate results just because they’ve already invested time efforts and money into this endeavour. Don’t fall into that trap.

If you’re not careful and patient enough, the chances are you’ll be driven to make some impulsive emotional decisions with drastic consequences. All the best in your searches!