Where is the city of brides in Ukraine?

If you’ve been thinking about finding your future wife in Ukraine, perhaps you’ve already done some research on the subject. And the chances are, you’ve come upon a term “the city of brides”. What is that supposed to mean? For a number of reasons, it is what they call Nikolaev, an interesting and intriguing city in the southern part of the country. Being relatively young by the standards of cities (it’s merely 230 years old), Nikolaev went down in history as the last city established by Prince Gregory Potemkin, as the ship-building centre of Ukraine, and yes, as the city of brides. Let’s have a closer look at this phenomenon.

Find a girl in the city of brides

Historical note

Nikolaev was founded in the end of the 18th century upon the victorious end of the Russian-Turkish war. The idea was to establish one of the largest ship-building domains of the Russian Empire, so in order to construct three massive shipyards they started acquiring manpower from all over the country. Soldiers, artisans, woodcutters, artisans, and carpenters were brought to the new city and given jobs.

Among the first dwellers of Nikolaev there also were Prince Potemkin’s personal serves, captures Turkish soldiers, tramps and migrants from other regions. The city would gladly embrace them all, but there was a big problem- a drastic shortage of the local women. All those men who came to Nikolaev for work or in search of better life wanted to have families.

As a solution, Prince Potemkin passed an order to bring girls from the nearest villages and towns. The most attractive young women were brought to the city in order to motivate the workers to stay. And this is one of the reasons why you can find so many beautiful ladies in present day Nikolev – it’s simply in their blood.

Mass marriages in Nikolaev

Upon arrival to Nikolaev, the girls would meet their potential husbands at one of the city’s square, and a kind of chaotic matchmaking process would take place. Then officers would take newly formed couples to the local church in order to get married. Very often the church was so crowded with brides and grooms that the priest had to perform outdoors. Later these marriages were described as Potemkin’s weddings, and Nikolaev became widely known as the city of brides.

Is it worth visiting Nikolaev?

Nikolaev is undoubtedly an interesting city in its own way, but it isn’t big on the tourist map. There are no particular sights or breathtaking spots, yet many foreigners keep visiting Nikolaev in pursuit of their dreams. What these visitors are attracted with is a huge number of gorgeous single ladies for marriage.

 Due to various economic, demographic and psychological factors, beautiful women of this region are ready willing to find a partner beyond their country so “the city of brides” label of Nikolaev still holds true. If you are looking for romantic relationship with an attractive, accomplished and family-oriented Ukrainian girl, you won’t regret visiting Nikolaev.

What are the local women like?

Over the last two decades or so, Nikolaev has proven to be one of the most popular destinations when it comes to finding a lovely and loyal Ukrainian wife.

Here some of the distinctive attributes of the local women that men from all over the world find so attractive:

Stunning beauty

Let’s face it, the majority of men on this planet are visually oriented, and this is what makes the women from the city of brides extremely popular among those in search of love. From the youngest girls to mature ladies, the women in Nikolaev are exceptionally beautiful.

Many factors contributed to their stunning appearance, with genetic diversity being one of them. Imagine a beauty contest participants on the city streets, and you’ll get the idea of what a typical street in Nikolaev is like. No exaggerations here. Ukrainian men are surrounded by slim long-legged beauties in high heels in their day-to-day life, and the sight is so common that even the most attractive girl hardly gets a second glance. This is bound to increase the chances of a more appreciative foreign man.

Ukrainian beauties from Nikolaev

Traditional values

Every woman’s happiness lies within her family, husband and children – this belief is so deeply embedded in the genes of Ukrainian girls that nothing will convince them otherwise. The young single ladies in the city of brides are highly educated and accomplished, the majority of them hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree, and they gladly build their careers and pursue their hobbies. It doesn’t clash with their traditional views on family, marriage and brining up kids.

Like everywhere in Eastern Europe, girls in Nikolaev are mentally prepared for motherhood since they are very small. Many of them grow up taking care of their younger siblings or cousins, gaining essential experience in raising children. If you’re dreaming of a loyal wife and devoted mother of your kids who would treasure her family above everything in the world, the city of brides is the right place to start your searches.

Appreciation for love and romance

Nikolaev women for dating and marriage

Women in Nikolaev are also known to be loving, gentle and romantic. Unlike more practical and down-to-earth girls in western culture, they do dream of their prince charming and Mr. Right. When they’re in romantic relationship, the object of their affection is the first person they think of when waking up in the morning and the last one when going to bed at night.

One of the reasons why so many American and Western European men want to date women from the city of brides is because these ladies get closely attached to their beloved one (without becoming a nuisance).

A partner of a girl from Nikolaev gets surrounded with the most touching care, affection and love. All this guarantees you a very exciting and pleasant dating experience, especially if you’re into old-fashioned courtship.

How to find a girl from the city of brides?

If you’d like to put an end to your lonely days and meet a charming Ukrainian girl for dating and marriage, then Nikolaev is a perfect place to visit. But don’t book the tickets right away – to make your journey worthwhile, it’s highly advisable to try online dating first.

It wouldn’t be wise to simply arrive in Nikolaev and start randomly approaching women on the streets, in restaurants and shopping centres. After all, your time in Ukraine will be limited and you don’t want to waist it on trials and errors. To make the most of your visit, we’d suggest the following plan:

Register on an international dating site

There are plenty of sites with endless lists of profiles, submitted by gorgeous Ukrainian girls from the city of brides. Make sure the dating site is trustworthy – the best way is to read some review of their previous clients. One bit of advice is to avoid sites with pay-per-letter system in place. Go for the ones with monthly subscription charges and unlimited access to women’s profiles and contact details.

Select one or several profiles

Carefully go through the profiles and make sure to choose one or a few ladies to start correspondence with. Needless to say, don’t go for the looks alone, no matter how alluring the pictures are. Read every profile carefully and make sure the chosen girl is the kind of person you want to meet.

Start correspondence

Exchanging letters, SMS, online messages and calls is the most exciting part of getting to know someone from another country on the initial stages of developing relationship. In the course of this communication, try to ask all the important things you’d like to know. The more information you possess, the more chances there are to find a compatible girl from Nikolaev.

Make a trip

Nikolaev has all the necessary infrastructure in the city to make your stay pleasant and comfortable. The city of brides offers a vast array of hotels and short-term rent apartments to suit any budget.

You’ll have no issues withdrawing money from the local ATMs. In the local restaurants, you’ll have a chance to please your taste buds with the most lip-smacking dishes of the Ukrainian cuisine. And there is no shortage of interesting places to take your date to. The only inconvenience may lie within the language barrier, but if your girl speaks poor English, there are plenty of interpreters to help you out.

If the thought of the city of brides truly inspires you, and this is where you’d like find your special one, don’t hesitate to make the first step towards your dream!