What’s the difference between Russian and Ukrainian women?

Love and marriage isn’t a simple thing really, and the matter gets even more difficult when we speak about looking for a wife from another country. Lots of men are willing to get a wife of a Slavic appearance. Here arises the question: are they different at all? Below we are going to introduce the points which vary regarding the women of these two nationalities.

The varieties in mentality

The women from Ukraine tend to be more outgoing and communicative than Russian women and they strive to live according to the European standards due to the closeness to Europe. Russia is located farther that’s why Russian women behave differently. This difference can be seen when communicating with them.

Moreover, women from Ukraine have less expressed degree of xenophobia. It is also connected with the political relationship of Ukraine with Europe and the countries around it.

The language spoken

It is obvious that women from these two countries speak different languages. Even though the origin of these languages is close, they have rather many differences between each other.

In fact, Ukrainian in its features is closer to the Polish language than to the Russian language. The grammar and lexis of these languages also vary. Actually, Russian is considered to be a lot more popular for learning in comparison with the Ukrainian. It is connected with the country’s authority in the world arena and its size in general. When choosing what Slavic language to learn, the majority of foreigners choose Russian.

One of the curious facts is that most of Ukrainian people can speak Russian fluently and decently understand it. On the other hand, Russians can’t do the same thing with the Ukrainian language. This can be considered as the advantage of the Ukrainian women over the Russian ones.

The way they look at the relationship with men

If you communicate with both Russian and Ukrainian women, you will notice that the Ukrainian ones are more demanding in the relationship and demonstrate more ambitions in everyday life.

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Russian women are softer in the relationship, meaning that they will be patient in many aspects of the relationship and family life in general and they will even be able to concede speaking of men. The same thing can be rarely found among the Ukrainian girls as long as they are brought up differently. However, despite this fact, both Russian and Ukrainian women will be great wives.

The characteristics of a typical Russian women

The features of the Russian

Here we offer you a list of the most common features of Russian women. Certainly, these cannot work for all the women, but these are the tendencies that were noticed among the majority of women who were born and live in the Russian Federation. So, if you are ready, let us begin!

  1. Russian women are very beautiful and there are more appearance variations comparing with Ukrainian women. It is connected with the fact that there are plenty of nationalities inside this country which creates a mix of appearances.
  2. Women from Russia tend to look after their appearance better. Here is the reason why it happens: the matter is that Russia’s economy is better than the Ukrainian one. Therefore, Russian women have more opportunities to go to beauty salons, buy cosmetics and clothes, apply different stuff to their body and skin. It’s just a money-connected thing.
  3. Russian women move all over the world. They travel to the USA, the UK and decide to live there. The diaspora starts to spread everywhere. So, it’s not an obligatory thing to travel to Russia if you want to find a Russian wife. They look for better life and job opportunities, and that makes them move to other countries, which they find more promising and prosperous to live in. At the same time, they stay very patriotic speaking of their home country.
  4. Patriotism as one of the brightest features of Russian women. We have touched upon this point already. It is connected with the good upbringing of children where great attention is paid towards the traditions. That’s why the big love for her country stays in the heart of a Russian girl (and woman) forever. She will never forget her home country and will look for chances to visit it at least once in a while.

The characteristics of a typical Ukrainian woman

The Ukrainian women have their own features and now you will find out about them.

  1. The majority of women from Ukraine look similar and there isn’t such a great variation between them as in Russia. That’s why the Ukrainian lady can be distinguished easier than the Russian one. Their skin is normally pale, the face has an angular shape and the cheekbones tend to be rather high. This is what their natural beauty looks like.
  2. She isn’t that patriotic as the woman from Russia. It can be easily explained: the political situation in Ukraine cannot be called stable or peaceful for its citizens. That’s why it’s not a huge problem for the Ukrainian women to move to another country. At the same time, this can be considered an advantage (your woman probably will be ready to move to your country to look for better living conditions, the ones where she will feel secure).
  3. The mentality of a homebody. Despite the situation that was described above, the women from Ukraine are closely linked to their family. It’s not the closeness to the Motherland or the patriotism, but very tight connections with the family and the relatives. So, in many cases, moving somewhere can occur to be painful for Ukrainian women.

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The features about the Ukrainian

Common differences between Russians and Ukrainians to keep in mind

Actually, all the nationalities have some similarities and differences but in this article, we are talking about the two certain nationalities. Now you will be able to get acquainted with the variations that can be introduced when speaking about two nations. Using these data, you can make some conclusions and decide which type of women will be better just for you.

  1. The connection with different nationalities led to the variations in the body shapes of these two types of people. The Russian are usually tall and have a small head. Speaking of the Ukrainians, these parameters are quite the opposite. They have a bigger head and their height isn’t such a considerable one.
  2. Russians enjoy philosophic stuff and romantic stuff. At the same time, they tend to consume alcohol rather often when comparing them to the Ukrainians.
  3. Russians demonstrate sympathy to people around them and always ready to help even in the most difficult situations.
  4. The Ukrainians like to stay alone in order to rest and get their thoughts together, which happens to Russians more seldom because they like to communicate with people and be surrounded by them.
  5. The Ukrainians like to plan their budgets and are very prudent speaking of the expenses.
  6. The Ukrainians can make very good friends but one of their traits of character is being cunning, so you have to be careful when trusting your secrets to them. Certainly, this cannot be spoken about all people, it’s just the tendency noticed in Ukrainian society.
Facts about Russian and Ukrainian

Where can you find a woman either from Russia or Ukraine?

So, if you are dreaming of getting acquainted with the woman from either Russia or Ukraine, you have to visit the dating websites first. They will be able to help you with the big choice of candidates for having a long-lasting relationship, that can grow into something bigger later. There is a great variety of such websites.

Once you have found the candidate which seems the most appropriate to you, you can start communicating with her and trying to get her interested in your personality.

When you will have a chance to meet in real-life, you will be able to understand if it’s your kind of woman or not.

Who knows, maybe this relationship will lead to something like creating your own international family!

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Making conclusion, it’s necessary to say that women of both nationalities are going to make perfect wives and you won’t make a mistake if you choose either one of these. Both of them have their own advantages which will surprise you. Just be ready to discover a great woman and enjoy this process!