What is an average age gap between couples in Ukraine?

If you’ve recently joined an international dating site and are determined to meet a Ukrainian woman for a romantic relationship and marriage, it’s important to understand how the whole :starting a family” thing works in Eastern Europe. Before browsing through women’s profiles and sending messages, you’d better learn about an acceptable age gap between couples in Ukraine, gender roles, expectations from a partner and so on.

The more you learn about the Ukrainian culture of romantic relationships, the easier it will be to avoid mistakes and disappointments. In spite of globalisation, there is a difference between the mindsets of Ukrainian women and their western counterparts. Their decisions are often a result of upbringing and deeply rooted traditions. If you wonder whether it’s alright to contact Slavic girls who are younger than you, let’s have a close look at the age difference between a husband and wife in Ukraine.

Ukrainian couple in national outfits

An average age difference between spouses in Ukraine

Every family is unique, but there tendencies that allow one make general conclusions:

Ukrainian families in the time of USSR

A few decades ago it was very common in Ukraine to get married at a young age. Guys and girls used to get married in their late teens or early twenties. Very often they were both university students, completing their second or third year, and the age gap between couples was virtually nonexistent.

Also, it was mandatory for young men in the USSR to serve in the army for two years – at the age of 18 they would leave their home town and come back when they were twenty. In most cases a guy would get married either before going to the army or right after coming back. As you can see, not only women, but also men would tie the knot when they were very young.

Present day Ukrainian spouses

These days, however, marriages between Ukrainian man and women of the same age are getting less and less common. Generally speaking, there is four to six years age gap between a husband and wife in most families. Husband is older, of course. More than that, even ten years age gap between couples is not frowned upon in the Ukrainian society of today. A man is supposed to be a bread winner and provider of the family, and you can hardly expect an unemployed student to support his wife and kids.

Ukrainian girls still tend to get marry quite young. It’s not easy to find a Slavic man who would make a decent life partner, so if a girl finds someone more or less acceptable, she’s read to tie the knot.

Acceptable age gap between couples in Ukraine

Due to the imbalanced male to female ratio, a woman in Ukraine is considered privileged if she manages to find a husband, no matter how useless and selfish this husband proves to be. Spoiled for choices, Ukrainian men choose to marry attractive women who are younger than them. A woman in her late twenties is less desirable wife material than a 19-year-old girl.

Still, things are not that bad nowadays – the society is getting more and more tolerant to unmarried women in Ukraine. A twenty-five year old girl is no longer referred as an old maid. Ladies choose to get a good education and pursue their careers prior to marriage. They find decent jobs, in spite of the challenging economic situation in Ukraine, and gain success in different professional fields prior to marriage. However, if a good guy comes along, they’ll gladly get married – being a wife and mother is still the most important for a Ukrainian woman, no matter what.

Acceptable age gap between a Ukrainian woman and foreign man

If you look through any international dating site, you’ll easily notice the abundance of Ukrainian women searching for a husband abroad. There are several major reasons to explain this phenomenon:

  • There are fewer men in Ukraine than women.
  • Girls are not happy with what a typical Slavic man has to offer.
  • Ukrainian ladies use internet in order to have more options when looking for a potential partner.

And it’s not uncommon for a foreign man to marry a Ukrainian girl who is fifteen or even twenty years younger – it’s considered an acceptable age gap between couples when dating internationally. But why would a young woman have a preference for a mature gentleman when searching for a husband?

Simply put, she appreciates his wisdom and common sense. Young western men are passionate and fun to date, but they are rarely serious about marriage, settling down and starting a family. What an average Ukrainian woman is looking for on a dating site is a reliable and kind man who would make an excellent partner trough life. And a man like this is usually older.

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Difference between an older foreign man and an older Ukrainian man

Men from the USA, Australia, Canada or Western Europe have proven to be intellectually and emotionally younger than their Ukrainian counterparts. They are also more energetic and physically attractive. Slavic men tend to age much faster than westerners due to unhealthy lifestyle, alcohol abuse, smoking and overeating. They don’t bother about charming a woman either – what for? She should be glad to have a man around unlike her friends who are either single or already divorced.

An average man from the west, however, looks reasonable in his forties, fifties and even sixties. He is full of energy and bright ideas. He leads a healthy life and has all sorts of interests. A young Ukrainian woman is glad to have a person like this beside her. She knows he’ll appreciate her love and affection, and will not take things for granted. She feels safe and secure with an older western man, because he radiates wisdom, kindness and innate strength, and these are the qualities she likes in foreign men.

If you’d like to meet a lovely Ukrainian girl, you should look for someone five to fifteen years younger. Couples with this age gap tend to have a long lasting relationship based on genuine love, mutual respect and lots of affection.

Older western man and younger Ukrainian woman as a happy couple

Keeping things within sanity limits

Of course, age is just about numbers and the most important thing in marriage is to be intellectually and emotionally compatible. However if you’re in your sixties, starting a relationship with a twenty-year-old Eastern European beauty is not the wisest thing to do. You can expect genuine affection from someone who could potentially be your granddaughter, and her intentions are hardly honourable either.

Ukrainian women are extremely family oriented, and they put being a wife and mother above everything else. If she has a child with a man who is forty years older, the chances are she’ll have to do most things bringing him up alone. Of course, you may live will into the old age, but the energy levels are bound to be different.

Ukrainian women in their forties, however, will be glad to accept your affections. Slavic ladies are known for their stunning looks, and they tend to look gorgeous at any age. An average forty-year-old Ukrainian woman looks beautiful and charming.

She has an excellent sense of style, and she knows how to accentuate her attractiveness. Her outfits, makeup, hairstyle and polished nails are always perfect, she regularly works out to remain slim and healthy, and high heels and stockings are still an important part of her wardrobe. If you think it’s hardly possible, just try an online dating in Ukraine on an international dating site and see for yourself. You’ll feel like contacting these ladies right away!

These are only some thoughts and observations about an average age gap between couples in Ukraine. But of course, every love story is unique, and there are exceptions to the rule. It’s easy to lose focus when meeting so many young and attractive Slavic girls via a dating site, but heartbreak is the last thing you’re interested in. That’s why it’s advisable to choose a potential partner with cautions where age difference is concerned.