What do Ukrainian women look like online and offline?

Beautiful pictures of Ukrainian girls are the reason why so many from the USA, Australia, Canada, Australia, Western Europe and other counties come to Eastern Europe in searches of love and romance. But what do Ukrainian women look like in real life? Simply put, they are rather astounding both online and offline.

When you look through seductive photos on dating sites, it’s hard to believe there is a county with such an abundance of beautiful women. When you make a trip to Ukraine, you see pretty girls virtually everywhere – on the streets, in cafes and restaurants, public transport, post office, railways stations, museums, art galleries, shopping centres and so on. So even if the photos on dating sites are slightly edited, Ukrainian girls in real life are no less amazing.

Beautiful photos of Ukrainian women on dating sites

Most common issues with photos on dating sites

If you’re new to the whole online dating thing, you may be overwhelmed with all the attractive women’s profiles on dating sites. Sometimes you feel like contacting all those girls simply because it’s impossible to make a choice.

Most of these profiles and Ukraine girls pics are genuine if you’re using a trusted dating site with a paid membership. However, there are a few issues with women’s pictures you should be aware of. Here are some of them:

Photos are not recent enough

It’s not uncommon for women in dating sites to use old photos. And it’s not because they try to deceive you, but because they genuinely believe they haven’t changed since the time those photos were taken five, seven or even ten years ago. However, even if a woman still looks exceptionally good, there are still some changes in her appearance.

We don’t get younger as years pass by, one has to admit it, but for a woman it’s rather hard. So if you feel that a woman looks too young on the photos for her age, ask her to attach a couple of new photos with one of her mails. In the world of today, it’s not a problem to take hundreds photos a day,

Technologies allow us to documents every moment of our lives if we choose to do so. Don’t tell a woman about your suspicions – she may take it as an insult. Just say you’d like to see more photos of her. Ukrainian women are rather sensitive where their appearance is concerned – after all, they take so much effort in order to look as attractive as possible.

Photos of Ukrainian ladies on international dating sites

Photos are heavily edited

If you browse through Ukrainian women’s profiles on dating sites, you may notice that lots of photos are taken by professional photographers. They use special light settings and lots of editing tricks in order to make a woman look even more attractive than she look in real life.

But what do Ukrainian women look like in real life? How similar is their appearance to the glossy images you see in their profiles? Well, the solution is the same – ask the girl you talk to online to send you a few selfies or casually taken photo.

Tell her that professional pictures on photo studio are very good and you can’t take your eyes off them, but you would like to see her in everyday life – how she goes to university or workplace, how she plays tennis or rides a bicycle, how she helps her parents in the garden, how she walks in the local park and so on. You may send her some pictures of yourself to demonstrate her exactly what you mean.

It’s also a good idea send her flowers or a present through a local delivery service. There are plenty of such services in every Ukrainian city, so you can choose the one with best offers. They usually take photos or make a short video of a happy recipient, so you’ll be able to see what she looks like offline in real life.

Stolen pictures

If you use a free dating site, it’s strongly recommended to abandon it and start searching for the woman of your dreams elsewhere. There are genuine profiles on those sites, too, and it’s possible to find the love of your life, but it would be like searching a needle in a haystack. Free sites are known as scam factories – there are lots of fabricated profiles with fake pictures, inactive accounts, frauds and traps for inexperienced users.

If you suspect that a person you talk to uses someone else’s photos, ask them to talk to you on Skype or similar app. If a woman is genuinely interested in a romantic relationship with you, she’ll gladly give you her Skype ID. If she keeps refusing for one reason or another, it’s likely that she’s running a scam.

There is no reason in the world of today why she couldn’t use Skype – this app comes for free and is comfortable to use with all the devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and so on. Of course, it’s possible that she’s feeling shy or her English is not sufficient for a meaningful conversation, but if she’s going to date you, she’ll have to meet you face to face, anyway.

Besides, setting up Skype dates is a wonderful part of a long-distance relationship. So, if you fail to convince her, simply move on and look for a Ukrainian bride elsewhere.

Are Ukrainian girls more attractive than girls in the west?

When foreign men ask, what Ukrainian women look like, they often try to figure out whether they are more attractive than women in their home country. But it’s not easy to answer this question. It largely depends on one’s personal preferences. There are plenty of beautiful women in every country, but what attracts foreigners in Ukrainian women is the stunning result of mixed genes.

Since the ancient times Ukraine has had a turbulent history. It was part of many states and empires. It was conquered and set free countless times. From Vikings to Mongols, Turks and Poles, it had many invaders from both Europe and Asia. The turbulent history of the country resulted in a great genetic pool. Facial features and body types of Ukrainian girls are exceedingly attractive.

Lesser number of men in Ukraine is another factor that defines attractiveness of the local women. You think it has nothing to do with the question what do Ukrainian women look like? It has indeed! Beautiful Ukrainian ladies have to compete with each other in order to attract a man’s attention, so they do their best to look as seductive as possible. They’re taught to take extremely good care of their appearance since they are very small.

They’ll always choose a beautiful flowing dress and high heels to a pair comfortable jeans and sport shoes. They rarely go out without a full makeup on. They keep in good shape till the advanced age. So it’s no wonder lots of foreign men flock to Ukraine in searches of a beautiful and sophisticated bride.

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What do Ukrainian women look like online and in real life

The best way to find out what Ukrainian women look like

If you’d like to get a comprehensive answer, what do Ukrainian women look like in real life, the best way to find it out is to make a trip to Ukraine. It’s better to see once than hear a hundred times. Needless to say, it’s not the cheapest option for an average person from the USA, Canada or Australia. But if you’re from Western Europe, the trip won’t cost you that much.

If you can afford it, seeing Ukrainian women for real is a sure way to make out how different or similar they look to the photos in dating profiles.

You can date someone online for a while and then visit her in her home town, or you can make a trip to Ukraine without any previous arrangements.

There are lots of marriage agencies in large Ukrainian visits to help you out by setting up dates with girls who are potentially interested in marrying a foreign man. Alternatively, you can approach women on your own – there is no lack of lovely girls on the streets, in public transport, cafes, restaurants and other places, as we’ve mentioned above.

These were only some random thoughts on Ukrainian women’s appearance online and offline. If you’re thinking of a romantic relationship with an Eastern European woman, try it by all means – you’ll never regret the experience!