Ukrainian stereotypes you should ignore when looking for a bride

Men from all over the world reveal genuine interest in Ukrainian girls. And why shouldn’t they if Eastern European women seem to possess all the qualities of a perfect wife? They are family oriented, devoted, loving and caring. They are excellent homemakers and fantastic mothers. Besides, they are astonishingly beautiful, well read and educated. That said, there are lots of misconceptions about Ukrainian women that make an average western man wonder whether there i a possibility to have a successful romantic relationship with one of them. Well, the good news if that many Ukrainian stereotypes have nothing to do with reality.

It’s the difference of cultures and false impressions that give men from the USA, Canada, Australia or Western Europe the wrong idea. Let’s have a close look at the most common misconceptions about women in Ukraine.

Widespread stereotypes about Ukrainian women on dating sites

Ukrainian girls dream of leaving their country

Lots of foreign men believe that ladies from Eastern Europe join international dating sites in order to find an easy way out and get a prestigious passport. They think a marriage with a western man is merely a ticket to a better life for an average Ukrainian woman. In reality, lots of girls in Ukraine are extremely patriotic and the idea of leaving their homeland, family and friend behind is not appealing to them at all. If they are doing this, it’s for love and companionship.

The majority of Ukrainian women can’t imagine their personal happiness without being a wife and a mother, that’s why they are looking for a man who’d be a decent life partner. Men in Ukraine are far from being inspiring, unfortunately, and girls would rather expand the geography of their searches than settle for a mediocre guy at home.

Due to various reasons, there are more women than men in Ukraine, and finding a decent boyfriend or husband is a daunting task. This is the main reason why there are so many Slavic girls on dating sites. Economic situation in Ukraine has always been challenging, but it doesn’t mean people are dreaming of leaving their country at the drop of a hat.

Women from Ukraine are too mercenary and materialistic

The truth about Ukrainian women looking for marriage with a foreigner

According to another common misconception, women in Eastern Europe are interested in money. If they can’t make a decent living in their own country, they try to find a foreign man who would invest a lot in a romantic relationship. This man would make expensive gifts, offer financial assistance, and eventually arrange for a better lifestyle in his country.

This is one of the most common Ukrainian stereotypes that should definitely be ignored when looking for a wife on international dating sites. Truth to be told, Ukrainian women do care for the financial security of their future family. But isn’t it a logical and natural way of thinking?

When you are going to start a family, you’re bound to think of your financial situation, income, and resources. Ukrainian women excel in various professional fields, and they willingly contribute to family budget if needed, so calling them materialistic and mercenary is a big mistake.

All Ukrainian women make appearance a priority

When you look through the photos of Ukrainian ladies on international dating websites, you can’t help noticing how astonishingly beautiful they look. Of course, beautiful Ukrainian ladies have to take enormous effort in order to look like that. It takes time, patience, money and talent to look so stylish, elegant and fashionable.

An average Ukrainian girl cares for her makeup, hair style, outfits, accessory, nail art and so on. She takes enormous trouble in order to stay fit and slim. But it doesn’t mean she focuses only on appearance alone. External looks are only a part of an accomplished, sophisticated and successful woman’s image.

Ukrainian girls prefer being stay-at-home moms

This is one of the most widespread Ukrainian stereotypes. According to popular belief, the majority of Ukrainian women would rather be housewives than build their careers. Well, while it’s true that Ukrainian women are excellent homemakers and cooks, it varies from family to family whether a wife works or focuses on taking care of her family.

Eastern European girls often choose being a mom and wife over their careers, but it doesn’t mean they can’t excel professionally if needed. Education is a priority in Slavic countries, and the majority of girls enter colleges and universities after graduating from high school. They get master and PhD degrees in different professional fields, and it’s not uncommon for a Ukrainian woman to genuinely love her job.

There are plenty of talented female doctors, engineers, lawyers and teachers in Ukraine. If they choose to be housewives after getting married, it’s because they believe in doing an exceptional job when looking after their families. But their professional accomplishments allow them to go back to their careers at any time.

Women from Ukraine look attractive only in their youth

It goes without saying that al people look more beautiful when they are young. If only we had a choice, we would gladly remain young forever, like Oscar Wilde’s famous character. However, everyone does get old. And we must admit the Ukrainian women do it quite gracefully. They do carry their stunning looks far in to advanced age.

Misconceptions about Ukrainian girls on dating websites

This is partially due to their genetic advantages (Ukraine boasts a very diverse and enriched genetic pool), and partially because a very intense self-care. They learn to take care of their bodies, hair, and skin since they are very young, and this habit remains till the end of their lives. Hot Ukrainian women believe in the power of fitness, healthy eating and active lifestyle. And they do look pretty not only when they are twenty or thirty, but in their fifties as well.

More than that, forty something Ukrainian women are extremely popular on international dating websites because of their beautiful looks, personal charm and special charisma. An experienced woman is also wiser in her choice of outfits and accessories that accentuate her attractiveness. So if you’re actively looking for a Slavic woman to share your life with, it’s strongly recommended to ignore these Ukrainian stereotypes about age.

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Ukrainian girls divorce their husbands after they move abroad

According to one of the most popular misconceptions, women from Ukraine divorce their husbands after they adapt in a new country. Of course, some foreign men have a negative experience with their Slavic spouses, but it has nothing to do with their nationalities. All couples experience problems, and divorce rate is high is most developed counties.

Generally speaking, a Ukrainian woman is a very reliable partner. She believes in family values and traditional gender roles. She takes excellent care of her kids and husband, and her family is the centre of her universe. If she divorces her foreign husband, it has something to do with their personal problems that can’t be solved. But Ukrainian women usually work through problems and try their best to find the most effective solution.

They are very enthusiastic cooks

And last but not least, there are also Ukrainian stereotypes about the women in this Eastern European countries being tireless culinary enthusiasts. Firstly, the majority of girls in Ukraine do cook tasty and nutritious meals, but it doesn’t mean they are all fond of cooking. If you marry a Ukrainian woman, she’ll cook the staple dishes of her cuisine to make them part of your family’s daily menu, but don’t be surprised if she tries to minimize her time in the kitchen.

We’ve specified only several Ukrainian stereotypes you can come upon when looking for a wife in this part of the world. Make sure to make your own conclusions!