Ukrainian ladies online: dating tips for introverts

If you’re shy and introverted guy, it doesn’t mean you can’t try your luck with Ukrainian ladies online. Taking to a person over the internet has a big advantage – you don’t have to interact with them face to face. When you write a mail, you have all the time in the world to put your thoughts together and avoid awkward silence, silly statements and dull jokes.

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If a Ukrainian woman replies and start talking back to you, it’s going to boost your self-esteem like anything: Slavic girls are astonishingly beautiful, and dating them online is a privilege. But let’s have a close look on what it’s like to talk to talk to a Ukrainian woman on a dating site as an introvert.

First of all, you should remember that you’re not the only person who experiences similar problems. There are plenty of men who can’t put two words together in a woman’s presence. When you’re shy and introverted, it’s hard to express your thoughts, no matter how brilliant they are, in order to impress a girl. but it doesn’t mean that introverts don’t have a chance to start a successful romantic relationship with a good-looking and accomplished Ukrainian woman.

Being quiet and introverted is your advantage

Although the majority of Ukrainian girls like assertive, confident and decisive men, there are also a great many of those who prefer quiet and shy guys. You can always turn any character trait into your own advantage. The key is to find the right person, and that is why you’re on a dating site to start with. Just browse through beautiful Ukrainian ladies’ profiles and see what kind of man they are looking for. If a person described like a girl sounds like you – quiet, sensitive, thoughtful, humble and modest – contact her and tell her about it. She’ll be happy to find what she was looking or in a man.

Let her know you’re good at understanding other people’s feelings

One of the advantages of being a shy and introverted person is that most girls are convinced that a quiet man has a sensitive soul. Instead of talking about himself and continuously demanding attention, he will listen to a woman and will actually hear her. It’s a rare quality that all women tend to appreciate a lot, including Ukrainian ladies online. If she tells you about her problems and difficulties in life, she hardly waits you to offer any solution, but the fact that you are willing to listen is valuable enough. Express your sympathy and show your understanding, and she’ sure to appreciate that.

Show off with our creative side

Introverted men often express themselves in creativity of different kinds. Rather than spending time in a company of friends, they prefer working alone in their workshops, studies or gardens. Real Ukrainian women are very cultured and educated, and when you date one of them online, make sure to let her know about your creative hobby.

Eastern European girls often visit art galleries, museums and theatres, and if paint, sculpt, write fiction or nonfiction, they are bound to be impressed. This is a wonderful conversation topic, by the way, if you don’t know what to talk about when chatting via an instant messenger or talking by Skype. You can also ask her about her hobbies and praise her for her achievements.

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Impress her with your diverse inner world

Ukrainian ladies online always feel touched and even honoured when an introverted man lifts the curtain on their inner world. Unlike extraverts who can be read like an open book, introverts are mysterious and closed up. A woman feels really privileged when it’s her who gets an option to explore your inner world. It automatically makes her special, because this way you show your trust and appreciation of her.

Take advantage of the written word

As mentioned above, online dating offers you a wonderful opportunity to charm Ukrainian ladies online without stepping out of your comfort zone. If you feel shy and confused when approaching girls in real life, internet is your domain. You can think of a nice way to express your thought as much as you want, and no one will consider you clumsy or ridiculous. You can write beautiful letters and be admired for your ability to weave words into a story.

A written word is your strong point, so make sure to take full advantage of it. Keep in mind that the majority on men on international dating sites write pathetic mails hoping to make a better impression when they talk to a woman in person. However, the majority of Ukrainian women are not fluent in English, and it’s easier for them to understand one’s thoughts in written form.

Receiving a charming, detailed, informative and interesting letter is not common these days, so make sure your mails are like that. As for the length of your letters, make it neither too long nor too short. When a woman replies, it’s best to equal her answer in length. Attaching a couple of pictures to your messages is also a wonderful idea – the two of you can always discuss the if you run out of things to talk about.

After some time you’ll get more comfortable talking to Ukrainian women online, and then you can also try calling your girlfriend or talking to her on Skype. Using communication tools in all their diversity is essential when having a long distance relationship. You can send her text messages, chat via an instant message, or even write some handwritten letters from time to time. Using Skype on regular basis is one of the most effective ways to get to know each other, but as an introvert, you should use this tool only when you’re absolutely comfortable with a person.

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Make some pleasant surprises for a woman

Even though you date Ukrainian ladies online and make an emphasis on written word, it’s nice to bring elements of real life to your relationship from time to time. Sending her a lovely bunch of flowers is an excellent idea. Ukrainian women are especially fond of flowers, and if a man fives them bouquets without any special occasion, he’s half way to success.

It proves his romantic nature and genuine interest in a woman. It’s not difficult to make a surprise for the woman you like – just check out flower delivery services in her home town and order flowers of your choice online. Inserting a thoughtful note from you with words of appreciation and genuine affection is bound to put a smile on her face.

Gifts are also part of long distance relationship. When you talk to Ukrainian ladies online over a certain period of time, you earn about likes and preferences, and it gets easier to make a meaningful gift. Costly presents might make a girl feel uncomfortable, so chose something tasteful and inexpensive instead.

Get ready to make a trip to Ukraine

Even if you’re very comfortable talking to your sweetheart online, there is no use dating someone over the internet if you are not going to meet them face to face one day. It’s highly unlikely a Ukrainian woman joined a dating site to have a long distance relationship for the rest of her life. So if you feel meeting her in person would be a challenge for you, start getting ready for the trip well in advance.

Try to imagine different situations and get mentally prepared for them. Think of some questions you’re going to ask her. If she’s going to introduce you to her family, perhaps you’d like to meet them on Skype at first. This way you’ll feel more comfortable in their presence.

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These were only some recommendations on how to date Ukrainian ladies online when you’re an introverted guy. Don’t get easily disheartened if you’re not successful from the very beginning. Dating online requires patience and persistence whether you’re an introverted guy or the the most sociable man on Earth.