Ukraine girls pics – how to stay focused and not to get carried away

It’s easy to be carried away when looking through Ukraine girls pics on international dating sites. There are plenty of gorgeous Slavic ladies looking for love abroad, and it may be difficult to choose only one of them for a romantic relationship. Some men keep browsing through hundreds profiles looking at pretty pictures and not contacting anyone.

Others, on the contrary, message too many women on a daily basis. It’s no secret that men are visually oriented, but it’s also important to stay focused and remember why you decided to join a dating site. You’re not there to look at seductive photos. You’re there to find a partner to share your life with.

Read she has to say about herself

Photo of a Ukrainian girl on a dating site

An introduction on a dating profile says volumes about a person. Her basic information is the first thing to check – you certainly have some criteria regarding woman’s age, education, occupation, height and weight, number of kids (if any), and so on.

 Check out these things before you start corresponding – it won’t be pleasant to discover that a woman you like is ten years older than you and she doesn’t intend to have more kids (and you hope to become a father one day). Or that she’s much taller than you, or that she’s not ready to move to another country.

Then, see what she has to say about her idea of a relationship and marriage. Generally speaking, beautiful Ukrainian ladies are rather traditional when it comes to gender roles in a marriage, and they’re extremely family-oriented.

If you’re looking for a woman to date and go on trips together, perhaps it’s not your cup of tea. Also, it’s important to have something in common, whether it’s a hobby or plans for the future.

Beware of scammers

When choosing a dating site to join, you shouldn’t make your decision based upon the number of pretty Ukraine girls pics. Your safety and authenticity of the profiles is the main priority. Don’t go for fee websites, no matter how attractive their offers may sound. They are mostly hubs for fraudster and scammers who are there solely for your money.

Of course, it’s possible to find a genuine woman on a site like that, but it would be literally like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Picture of a Ukrainian young woman searching for husband abroad on a dating site

But you don’t want to waste time and take chances. You don’t want to receive sweet mails from a fat Russian man hiding behind beautiful Ukraine girls pics.

You want to contact genuine women and get help from administrators of a site when something feels wrong. If this is what you really want, we would suggest avoiding free and pay-per-letter websites, and going for reputable dating sites with a paid membership. It reduces your chances to fall for a scam like anything.

Even so, you should be careful l and keep your eyes open when dating a girl from Ukraine online. Don’t be carried away with seductive pictures and sweet talk.

Never send money to someone you haven’t met in real life

If a woman asks you for a financial support, most probably it’s a scam. Things are not that desperate in Ukraine, even though the standards of living are much lower than in the USA, Canada, Australia or Western Europe.

A decent woman will never ask to send her money, no matter what problems she might have in life. The only exception is covering a woman’s travel expenses if you want her to come to your country or meet her anywhere else outside Ukraine. Otherwise, make a tri p to Ukraine and meet her in her home town – in this case you don’t have to send her any money at all.

Don’t believe if someone says they love you after a week

If a woman appears too fond of you and says she loves you almost at once after you started messaging each other, most probably she’s not to be trusted. Love is a complex feeling, and one doesn’t get it overnight.

Love at first sight is possible in real life, but not over the internet. She may like your profile or be fond of your writing style, or appreciate the time you spend together online, but love requires more time and deeper connection.

If she says she loves you after a week or two after you stated talking, most probably it will be followed up by a request to give her some financial support. But you already know what to do in this case.

She refuses to talk to you on Skype

Photo of a pretty Ukrainian women searching for love abroad on a dating site

It’s easy to steal pretty Ukraine girls pics from the internet and use them for a profile on a dating site. There are plenty of sites where moderation and verification process is virtually nonexistent.

If a girl you talk to refuses to talk to you on Skype, it’s definitely a cause for concern. There is no reason why she would refuse to show up in from of the camera – if she’s serious about your relationship, the two of you are going to meet face to face anyway.

The Skype app is free, and it runs on all sorts of devices. So if she reputedly refuses to video chat with you, you’d better start searching for a potential life partner elsewhere.

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How many women should you write to?

As mentioned above, it’s easy to get carried away when looking through countless profiles with beautiful Ukraine girls pics. You feel like contacting them all. And some men actually do. They send an expression of interest to every single pretty girl they see on a dating site.

Needless to say, their messages are messages are either meaningless, like “hi beauty” or “hello pretty”, or it’s merely a mass mail. Needless to say, women easily make out it’s a generic message and don’t respond. If a man didn’t even bother to read their profile, what’s the point in starting a conversation? Don’t be one of these guys – this strategy leads to nowhere.

Start corresponding with up to ten women

So what you should really do is go through women’s profiles carefully and select around ten of them based upon both the information they provided and profile pictures. Of course, you are going eventually have a romantic relationship with only one woman, but by contacting more girls on a dating sit you increase your chances of actually finding her. Don’t feel bad to about corresponding simultaneously with a few women – they do the same when searching for the right man.

Narrow down your choices

As you keep talking to the girls you’ve selected, some of them will stop writing, it’s inevitable. The reason may vary:

  • They are no longer interested in finding a potential husband abroad.
  • They’ve found someone more suitable than you.
  • They didn’t like something you said.

But whatever it is, it helps to gradually narrow down your choices. When you decide to stop writing to a woman, it’s alright to let her know about your decision. Tell her that you don’t find the two of you compatible because of the difference in views upon certain subjects, and she deserves a man who will appreciate her choices.

Establish a healthy relationship with the girl you liked best

When you finally make your choice, make the most of the whole online dating scene. It’s actually exciting and rewarding to have a long distance relationship with a beautiful and intelligent Ukrainian girl.

Use all the communication tools to make it diverse and interesting. Focus on this person, and even if you still look through the pretty Ukraine girls pics on a dating site, don’t let them distract you from building a successful romantic relationship.

Courtship period is the time both you and your future wife will remember for years to come, so try to make it as memorable as possible. Set up Skype dates, send her good morning and good night wishes, surprise her with a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a small gift.

These are only some tips on how not to be carried away by the beautiful Ukraine girls pics. The key is to stay focused and purposeful when looking for a woman of your dreams. There are lots of advantages to having a Ukrainian wife, so try to do your best in order to make it right on a dating site. All the best in your searches!