Ukraine girl for marriage: qualities she values in men

There are plenty of Ukrainian girls searching for a husband abroad. For a number of reasons, local men often fail to meet a contemporary woman’s expectations. And now, it’s not the beautiful Ukrainian ladies who are too demanding, it’s the Ukrainian men who are not willing to contribute anything into a romantic relationship. That’s why all those gorgeous girls you see on international dating sites are looking for partners somewhere else. However, not any men from the west will meet the criteria of a Ukraine girl for marriage either.

Let’s discuss what sort of qualities a man from the United States, Australia, Canada or Western Europe should possess in order to win the heart of a stunning Slavic beauty. Spoiler alert – there is nothing extraordinary, don’t get easily disheartened.

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There is less and less difference between sexes in different countries around the globe. You’ll be glad to know that Ukraine is not one of these countries. People in this part of Europe still believe that a woman should be a woman, and a man should be a man. That’s why so many men form the western world try to find a life partner in Ukraine.

They are not looking for a buddy to drink an occasional beer with and watch a football match. They are looking for a feminine, caring, loving and gentle woman to share their life with. They want to start a family with a woman who knows what it means to be a devoted mother and wife.

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And it also works the other way around. An average Ukraine girl for marriage is interested in a western partner, because she wants her husband to be strong, decisive and masculine. More than that, she believes that masculinity determines a real man. It means, a man should behave, dress and make life choices accordingly.

He should also be chivalrous and treat his woman like a princess. He should make her life easier and more pleasant instead of burdening her with more problems. And yes, a Ukrainian girl expects a real man to shield her from unpleasantness and troubles of the outer world. She wants to feel safe and secure with a strong man who’ll protect her like a stone wall. Wouldn’t you like to feel like a man when having a loving and gentle woman beside you? This is exactly that half forgotten sensation that lots of western men are looking for in Ukraine when dating local girls.


This is so self-obvious that it hardly requires any explanation. No one is interested in a romantic relationship with a fool. A Ukraine girl for marriage wants her partner to be able to hold a decent conversation and challenge her mind. She wants to respect him for his intelligence and bright intellect.

Generally speaking, Ukrainian women are clever and educated, and they have a big thing for self-development and expanding personal horizons. A relationship with a man is an opportunity for self-improvement, too. If you don’t encourage them to grow intellectually, they’ll get bored in such relationship. The importance of intelligence can’t be overestimated.

They also respect avid readers a lot. Reading traditions are strong in Eastern Europe, and even in the age of smartphones and Netflix Ukrainian girls often prefer a good book. There are lovely home libraries in many Ukrainian houses, and women like to read at leisure.

If you manage to prove that you’re a person they can discuss a novel with, your chances will increase like anything. So don’t hesitate to demonstrate your cleverness when talking to real Ukraine women. They say a typical girl from this part of Eastern Europe finds a man’s brain the sexiest organ.


Loyalty and faithfulness is a big problem in the western world. Both men and women frequently change sexual partners, as if this is nothing more than trying a new dish. It’s not like that in Eastern Europe. Of course, Ukrainian men hardly give any importance to such things. For various reasons, they are outnumbered by women, and finding a new partner is nothing for them, even if they are in a relationship.

Women are even encouraged to tolerate such behaviour by the Ukrainian society. But they are not willing to. They are very faithful and loyal by nature, and they expect the same attitude from a man. With a Ukrainian wife, you can be sure there is a reliable and decent person at your side. It’s highly unlikely she’ll ever cheat on you or divorce you if you treat her nicely.

A Ukrainian woman will work hard to create her little world where each family member will feel loved needed and loved, and she wouldn’t like to risk it for anything in the world. If you have the same kind of attitude towards family life, Ukraine is the right place to look for your life partner.


Ukrainian women do not like to play games. They are very straightforward and you can easily guess what’s in their mind. This kind of transparency is very precious in a romantic relationship. There shouldn’t be any hidden motifs from any of you. A Ukraine girl for marriage looks for an honest man she can trust. A spouse if the closest person in one’s life, and if you can’t trust this person, what’s the point in having such a relationship? Make sure to let a Ukrainian women know that you’re extremely honest and appreciate honesty in people – it will make you more valuable in her eyes.

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Generally speaking, a man should know what he wants. And he should be confident in his life choices. No one wants to have a relationship with a meek and hesitant man who can’t handle his own life. And of course, it goes without saying that it’s a man who is expected to make all the moves in order to “conquer” a woman. It’s you who should take initiative in order to develop your relationship with a woman.

You should be assertive and decisive while avoiding unnecessary aggression and insistence. One little example – when you invite a girl for a date, you’re not suppose to ask her where she would like to go. She expects you to make a good decision on your own and to set up a perfect date for her. If you can’t do that much, how can she trust you further in life, when you are responsible for wellbeing of your entire family?

Family-oriented attitude

When you date a Ukraine girl for marriage, make sure you make yourself clear about your plans for the future. A typical Slavic woman is not interested in wasting her time on someone who is not ready to get married and start a family in the nearest future. If they go out with you or even date you online, they’ve considered a possibility of marrying you and having children with you.

Ukrainian girls are extremely family oriented, and they make family their priority in life. Nothing is more important than being wife and mother, even if a woman is a skilful specialist in her professional field. Girls in the west may pursue their hobbies or explore the world by the time they are forty, but Ukrainian women will get married and have kids first. They join international dating sites simply because they are convinced that western men are more family oriented than their Slavic counterparts.

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It takes courage to maintain a long distance relationship and overcome cultural barriers in an international romantic relationship. And a Ukraine girl for marriage expects you to demonstrate this courage. After all, she’s showing a lot of bravery by her willingness to leave her homeland, family and friends for the sake of married life with you in your country. So be courageous to inspire her and give her strength of spirit.

We’ve specified a few character traits that a typical Ukrainian woman finds exceedingly attractive in a man. But of course, it goes without saying that every person is different and one woman’s values may vary from another’s. All the best in your dating experience!