Terms & Privacy

We agree that every guest of our site follows these rules and regulations, therefore, the Terms must be perceived as the agreement between the User and the Site.

Readers, audience, followers of our blog are all called the Users.

Our blog itself, all texts, articles, essays, reviews are called together the Materials.

Our writers, consultants, experts, psychologists are called the Authors.

Our technical support, administrators, owners, and all workers are called together the Team.

Providing the User with the Materials, technical and informational support is called the Service.

Users’ comfort, Authors’ comfort and appreciation, respecting the Materials and the Authors’ labour is called Privacy.

Therefore, the User fully accepts the responsibility to respect the Team of the Site and their work, Authors of the Site and their work, the Materials and the Copyright. In return, we respect the Users’ Privacy, protect it within our Site, and improve our Service every day.

The Copyright on our Site is common and accompanied with all local laws and international laws concerning the texts protection.

The Copyright and the Privacy indicate that Users aren’t allowed to sell, resell, copy, print, steal the Materials, attack the Site technically, attack the Authors or the Team morally, insist or demand that Materials are deleted, insult anyone, or intrude in any other way.

On another hand, the Privacy indicates that Users shouldn’t be given wrong information, wrong directions, wrong moral guidance, insulted, abused, mistreated by the Team, the Authors, or by other Users in case the dialogue is being held. It includes the dialogues in comments, through the Contact us form, via email address, or by any other means.

Strict and voluntary following of Copyright and Privacy rules both by the User and the Team/Authors is called a cooperation. Cooperation between all members of a current agreement is crucial and vital for effective mutual help.

In case if the User wishes to become the Author, he must get acquainted with the basic requirements first and then discuss his suggestions with the Team.

The basic requirements are: experience in writing; at least a minimal portfolio; proven personal or professional experience in this or that particular field that he is going to enlighten; ability to cooperate like described above.

Our Authors are guaranteed the Copyright protection for the Materials they provide and we publish. The payment, if required or considered, is to be discussed separately and personally. The Users, who aren’t chosen by us to become the Authors, since we have enough Materials at the moment or for any other reason, remain our readers to whom we keep on giving the educational, entertaining, and informational Service.