Pretty Ukrainian lady: how to keep her happy for life

If you’re thinking of marrying a pretty Ukrainian lady, you may be concerned whether you’ll be able to keep her happy. After all, a person leaves her homeland, family and friends behind in order to be with you. No wonder you feel responsible for her happiness. But no worries – generally speaking, Ukrainian women are very adaptable and it’s not so difficult for them to adjust in a new place. But her happiness also to a great extent depends on your efforts and attitude.

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What makes a woman happy?

If you want your pretty Ukrainian lady to feel contented and joyous, it’s important to understand what defines a woman’s happiness. Let’s discuss this complex subject in more detail.

Knowing that she is loved

No matter how tough and self-sufficient a woman appears to be, she’s like a dainty princess deep inside. She needs to know that she’s loved and appreciated, otherwise nothing in the world makes sense. We’re all looking for love, and we do find it in one form or another, but for a Ukrainian woman it’s important to be loved by the man of her life – her husband and father of her kids.

Eastern European girls are brought up believing in true love that lasts a lifetime. When a Ukrainian woman marries a man, he becomes the centre of her universe And of course, she’d like to be treated the same way. It’s the knowledge that she’s loved that gives her wings in life.

Having a reliable man around

For a Slavic woman, having a man in her life is like winning a mega prize. No matter how successful and accomplished a woman is, it’s absolutely impossible to be happy if she’s single. She’s convinced by society that a girl can feel contented only when she finds her second half.

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Being a mother

Motherhood is a woman’s number one priority in life, according to Ukrainian ladies. To them family comes first, and they will gladly sacrifice the most successful career if it’s needed for the kids. Beautiful Ukrainian ladies from Eastern Europe make excellent mothers – they are happy when their kids are happy, healthy, taken care of, fed and entertained.


An average Ukrainian woman does a lot of things in life that are worth admiring. She’s an excellent cook and homemaker, devoted wife and an excellent mother. She’s successful in her professional field and adventurous by spirit. She’s the force behind her husband’s achievements. She’s positive, cheerful and inspiring. Her appearance leaves one speechless. She takes a great deal of trouble in order to look presentable and attractive. With all that, she wants her efforts to be appreciated and recognised. Your pretty Ukrainian lady wants to hear compliments and world of encouragement.

Successful career

Although the family always come first for a Slavic girl, her achievements in a professional field give her the feeling of deep satisfaction. Ukrainian women make excellent engineers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, artists and so on. Generally speaking, girls in Ukraine are brilliantly educated. They are encouraged by society to get a degree or two after they graduate from high school. Even if a woman chooses to be housewife, she should know that an option of making a living on her own is always there.

Tips on making your pretty Ukrainian lady happy

Making your partner’s life beautiful is well within your power. According to lots of popularist sources, women are illogical and unpredictable creatures who are hard to please. All lies. In reality, a woman doesn’t need anything much to feel happy, and a pretty Ukrainian lady is no exception. So what can you do to contribute to her happiness?

Let her know you love her

It’s no secret that women love with their ears. Tell her about your love and call her sweet names.

Even if you are an introverted man who does talk much, make sure to say the words of love to your woman, it’s really important. You don’t have to be wordy, a simple “I love you” or “you mean the world to me” will do.

 If you’re too busy with your work, send her an sms during your lunch break. When you have some free time, surprise her with an ecard or may be even with a handwritten letter.

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May your actions speak even louder than words

The words of love sound like music to a woman’s ear. But words are nothing if you can’t prove them by actions. And it’s not about costly gifts or anything of that sort, it’s about your attitude in general. Help her with domestic chores, set up a perfect date, take care of her when she’s sick.

Surprise her with a lovely bouquet of flowers or a pleasant souvenir. Take part in everything what’s important to her. Share her joys and sorrows, support her when she’s emotionally challenged. Generally speaking, do all those things that people naturally do when they’re in love. And by the way, your pretty Ukrainian lady may strongly disapprove of jealousy from your part. Jealousy doesn’t prove love, but indicates possessiveness and lack of confidence.

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Share her interests

You don’t have to force yourself to read classical Ukrainian novels if they bore you. And you don’t have to try your hand at cross stitching if the very thought of it makes you shudder. But there should be something in common between the two of you, otherwise why would you go for marrying a Ukrainian woman? Go for long walks in the local park, cycle together, watch her favourite movies, visit museums and art galleries.

If your Ukraine wife enjoys decorating he house, make sure to take praise her for her choices. You may also encourage her to share your interests. If you enjoy working out in a gym, offer her to accompany you and see whether there is anything she’d like to do, too. If like tennis or badminton, she may become your trusted partner.

Both of you may find some new interests and things to do together in order to make your bond even stronger. Consider taking a dance class, for example. Women particularly enjoy Latin American dances like salsa or pasodoble, but you can also try waltz or polka.

Encourage her to build her social circle

It’s not uncommon for a pretty Ukrainian lady who’s just married a foreign man to dedicate all her time to her newly created family. There is nothing objectionable about that, but having a social circle of her own will make her happier in the long run. Introduce her to your friends and family and encourage her to make friends on her own. It may not be so easy in a new country, especially if her English (or any other language spoken in your homeland) leaves much to be desired.

Perhaps it would be nice if she visits a language school in order to improve her skills and widen her horizons where communication with locals is concerned. Also, it’s always a good idea to meet people from the Ukrainian Diaspora.

Make sure she can visit her family from time to time

If you marry a woman from Eastern Europe, make sure she has a chance of visiting her family and friends back home at least once a year. Leaving far from the people you love is not easy, and you should appreciate the sacrifice she makes in order to be with you. Seeing her parents, siblings and friends from time to time is crucially important.

If she’s dependent on you financially, you should take care of her travel expenses. If she managed to find a job in a new country, don’t objects when she decides to by an air ticket and visit her loved ones. Alternatively, you may invite her parents to visit the two of you in your homeland.

Some final words

These are only a few suggestions on how to make your pretty Ukrainian lady happy. But no one knows it better than you. Just listen to your loving heart and do what needs to be done. Your Ukrainian wife is sure to appreciate all your efforts and try to do her best to make you happy in return. All the bet in your endeavours!