Mistakes men make when dating online

When dating online, men make a number of stupid mistakes even more often than women do that. Sometimes, hiding behind online anonymity, men seem to generally forget what etiquette really means. In an effort to meet a woman on a dating site, they write the things they’ve never dare to say in real life.

Here are just some of the common mistakes men are to avoid when dating online:

1. Do not list all the physical parameters that you would like to see your imagined soulmate. The ads like this produce rather a feeling of revulsion. Even if a Ukrainian girl looks like a supermodel, she’ll probably not like a long list of your requirements.

2. Do not ask about her weight. Anyway, you’re not competent in the issue, unlikely grasping what the right ratio of women’s height and weight is. You know, luxury shapes cannot weigh little. Afterwards, you’ll be given a chance to find out the proportions.

3. Write more about own qualities, rather than favorite activities. Women are not much into men’s love for jazz, beer or hockey, you see. They want to find a soul mate, and not a friend for going to the clubs. So, you’d better write about your kindness, patience and love for animals. Also, try to provide more specific, memorable details.

4. Be positive. Talk about what you want, and not what you dislike. Positive information makes a good first impression. Never say bad things about your ex girlfriends. Many men tend to complain about their ex-partners, though, after a while they’ll do the same thing when talking about a new friend? Smart women know to avoid such ads.

5. Better not talk about sex. Women are afraid to make an acquaintance with a man who needs only one thing. Therefore, try to avoid talking about sex for the first time, especially in the ad.

6. Do not send her seven posts one after the other, asking why she does not respond, even if you really like her profile, seeking to meet her at whatever cost. Women get a lot more responses to ads than men, so be patient and give her time to make sense of it all.

7. Do not ask her how many men she’s corresponding with or how many times she visited her pen pals. Still, you will not get a truthful answer; and if you get, you’ll not like it.

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8. Be honest about your marital and social status. If your goal is finding a temporary distraction, then write it in your ad. You’ll certainly find those lovers of adventure responding to your offer. Avoid wasting own time and energy on people that are looking for stability in a relationship, if you do not need the same.

9. Do not write template letters. It is clear that you are a busy person, having nothing to say to an unfamiliar girl, etc. So you send the same letter to all recipients. From time to time, update the templates, at least once in a month.

10. Do not be greedy. It is understandable that you want to communicate with a lot of beautiful girls. Though, avoid writing to all. You just won’t be able to talk with and meet each one. It is better focusing on those Ukrainian ladies you really like. Believe us, this is not the case when quantity is transformed into quality.