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Why do foreigners want to date Ukrainian women and girls?

The first and main reason is feminism. Foreign women do not want being just women, not seeking to take care of themselves, preventing men from romancing them and often treating any attempts of dating quite aggressively.

Men of the West do want a normal family, children (yes, children are important, they love them, perceiving kids as a value and not a burden). Foreigners want romance, love and care. If you read men’s forums and discussions, you see they have been long complaining about the fact women choose spending their free time in bars, and not in the family, thinking about having children only when they are about 40. They are self-absorbed and materialistic.

Why do foreigners want to meet and marry a girl from Ukraine?

Slavic women are known for being caring, choosing family and children as the most important female duty. They are not feminized, quietly allowing men to take care of them; they are capable of combining work and family, behaving as good, caring mothers.

Ukrainian girls are known for the ability to take care of yourself, get dressed, painted, all this even though ckromny income. As they say, an average Ukrainian woman looks as if being a model.

Visiting the dating website are also those men who would like to find a girl 20 to 25 years younger them: some want to have a baby they failed to conceive with an ex American wives, others seek to feel young again, showing and opening the world to a ‘fresh’ wife.

Many foreigners come to the sites with Ukrainian girls after meeting a family where a wife is Slavic. Seeing the love and care in a relationship, they are inspired to find their love in Ukraine too.

A good way to get acquainted with a woman on a marriage website is giving a highest grade to her photos. Receiving a notification, she’ll like to get to know you closer, writing a thank you message.

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Upload your photos on a dating site, and receive a notice about the women who set the highest rate to your photos. Browse through their profiles, maybe you will be interested to continue communication.

Do not be lazy, waiting for them to choose. Yes, they write, they choose, but whether these are the girls you really want? Do you have a good range of choice?

Find someone you are interested in and give her a sign of you not minding getting acquainted with a cute girl from Ukraine.

Speak no Russian? No problem. A marriage agency traditionally offers an online translator, which can translate your letters to her, and your letters to you. Try not to make mistakes in the words (you know, an online translator possesses no necessary degree of intelligence to correct the mistakes).


If you really like a girl, answer her every day (even if no time is left to correspond with other ladies). Avoid making your letters a dry outlining of own demands or the day's events. Make your foreign lady a participant in the events of your day. Counsel with her, discuss anything, tell funny situations you face.

Show your emotions (this may be the exclamation marks, smiles, points; well, find the way to show the emotion you’re experiencing).

When she comes to your country, meet her at the airport. Help settling in the place where she stays, show her the sightseeing attractions. Make her falling in love with you; the more you're with her, the less chances she’s left to meet someone else.

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