How to be successful in dating a Ukrainian woman?

Every year American and European online dating agencies tend to get increasingly popular with both men and women. The past two decades the number of male visitors to dating websites has noticeably increased. The reasons for the growth are quite different and often depend on the exact country, age, social group, and education.

Due to easy access to the Internet, some men go on dating websites just out of curiosity. However, most of the male visitors do that on purpose. In fact, they expect this popular service to make their desires and dreams come true. While feeling sick and tired of strong, materialistic and independent Western women, European and American men seek for caring, loving and sentimental girls and women.

Why do Western men want to date Ukrainian women?

Ukrainian women are famous for their beauty

While visiting dating websites, men often look for qualities that are typical of girls and women in Eastern European countries. This fact is successfully confirmed by a great number of surveys. Ukrainian women are especially popular with foreigners who seek for love, romance, and family happiness.

It’s quite easy to explain why Western men aim at dating Ukrainian women. They have some personality traits that distinguish them from European and American women:

  • They are not feminists, are excellent at cooking and household chores
  • Capable of successfully balancing between family life and job
  • Quite pretty: some foreigners consider Ukrainian girls even to be the most beautiful in Europe
  • Can take care of their looks themselves
  • Children and family life are much more important for them than work and career.

Foreigners notice that Ukrainian women appreciate it when men hold doors for them, help to carry heavy bags or offer a seat in a bus, tram or underground train car. They prefer to be a bit dependent on males than equal to them. Men feel they are the sterner sex while socializing with Ukrainian ladies.

What do Ukrainian women expect from men?

If foreigners make a point of being successful in dating Ukrainian women, they should live up to their expectations. Female requirements are not daunting, but natural and reasonable. To begin with, men have to

  • Be roughly on the same page by sharing attitudes and interests
  • Have their feet on the ground
  • Sincerely love romance.

Most of the Ukrainian women expect from a man to be steady on his feet. A self-employed man, who has succeeded in business and earns a good living, has a lot more chances to meet a decent date rather than that one who is a loser in reality.

“A successful earner is a good helpmate.”

Spending spare time together

A romantic dinner with a Ukrainian woman

The man’s successful online dating quite often ends up arranging a personal meet with a lady. As a rule, women don’t mind guys’ sensible devotion to sports, rock music, games or martial arts. Yet they wish men would sincerely share their profound interest for fine arts, movies, series or fiction. It’s really great to visit together picture galleries and discuss the tendencies in contemporary painting or to go to the movies to watch a film premiere by a famous director.

Since Ukrainian women are devoted to their family life, they will appreciate men’s consideration for their children. Imagine a boy or a girl getting happy with going to the zoo or an amusement park together with adults! Why not to offer a woman and her child a visit to a local movie theater where a new adventure film with Dylan O’Brian or Zac Efron starring is on?

The list of important traits Ukrainian women like in men

The list of the qualities Ukrainian and European women appreciate in men is quite long. The most important personality traits are the following:

  • Responsibility
  • Honesty
  • Financial and literal security
  • Masculinity
  • Loyalty
  • Independence
  • Patience
  • Determination.

It’s the fact that women – and not only in Ukraine – are usually attracted to masculine men who are independent, physically strong, well-built, confident, and stable. If guys possess these traits, they will doubtlessly have more chances to win over a woman.

Women are attracted to masculine guys

Yet it would not be out of place for a true man to have some feminine traits. Women will surely appreciate such qualities as patience, affection, and sensuality that are considered to be much more typical of ladies.

Women usually do not look for millionaires. Nevertheless, they really need men who are capable of keeping them safe, comfortable and healthy. Each woman wants to feel unique, special, the only one for whom the man has eyes.

Every woman needs such a man who can properly communicate with her, talk over different matters, be honest and good at hearing what she is saying. If a guy tends to lie, he will soon lose her admiration and respect.

“If a man makes things clear, he doesn’t leave any room for doubt”

Women prefer independent men who are determined to get what they want and always make their own decisions in life. However, it’s important not to put everything above women. The relationship can end up losing a woman fast if she starts feeling unappreciated.

Some other important traits

Stylish and well-built men – Ukrainian girls’ dream

Women’s wishes and requirements can seem to be infinite and unrealistic as if they wanted to meet an ideal man. But foreign men just need to know that the more traits ladies like in them they have, the better their odds to draw feminine attention are. Guys who have some other important traits added to the list above will be more successful in dating Ukrainian women:

  • Romantic: they surprise women with giving them flowers, perfumes, and other gifts, invite to posh restaurants, throw birthday parties, visit theaters and buy tickets for concerts
  • Hardworking: the job is very important for the true man, it gives him a sense of satisfaction
  • Constantly growing: women are proud of men who instead of sitting around tend to take actions every day, keep learning and developing as personalities
  • Generous: any man who is stiff with his money holds ladies off; reasonable generosity will be appreciated by any woman
  • Optimistic, emotional and playful: these traits make life interesting, exciting and full of fun.

Women very much appreciate men who respect their individuality and don’t inflict views upon them. Nowadays in the age of consumer society, people pay much attention to their looks. For any young and middle-aged man to be successful with ladies means taking care of the image. Everything is important:

  • Clean-shaved face
  • Stylish outfit
  • The smell of the skin
  • Matching accessories
  • Clean body
  • Good physique.

In the recent decades, the number of men (especially young) who can groom themselves has noticeably increased. This tendency is characteristic of the European and American guys as well as fellows in Japan and South Korea.

Sexual confidence

Most of the surveys say that sex life is very important for men. Although contemporary women still pay a lot more attention to feelings, the number of ladies for whom sex life is vital tends to increase. Foreign men are more sexually confident and unfettered, so they have to help Ukrainian women (especially middle-aged) to feel comfortable to talk about their likes and dislikes in the bedroom. However, guys have to remember that they shouldn’t rush into talking about this delicate subject.

Typical mistakes foreign men make while dating online

It isn’t really easy to follow the advice given by experienced visitors to dating websites and to take into account all details. Foreign men often make some mistakes when they keep dating a Ukrainian woman online. The list of the most typical errors includes the following:

  • Dishonesty: sometimes guys hide the information about their real marital status or throw dust into ladies’ eyes
  • Asking awkward questions about physical characteristics, weight, ex-partners or boyfriends, about men who girls chatting on the website
  • Sending messages too often without waiting for the reply
  • Saying negative words about ex-girlfriends or partners.

Only when men are positive, honest, and patient, they succeed in dating Ukrainian women.

Men aged over 40: how to be successful in dating?

A man over 40 in search of a Ukrainian woman

With aging, men and women find it more difficult to meet new partners or to get married. So foreign men who turned over 40 quite often feel shaky in dating online. But experts consider this attitude to be wrong. To meet a soulmate is sometimes much easier for middle-aged men than for younger guys.

Quite many women seek for stability, meaningful relationship, and commitment. So foremost exactly they are attracted to men aged over 40 who are experienced, have already managed to rise through the ranks, often have adult children but are still unhappy in family life.

There is only one obstacle middle-aged guys come up against. This refers to the stereotypes that are necessary to get rid of. One of them is the fear of a new relationship. Men should be more determined to say good-bye to a negative experience in the past and set their mind on success.