How do hot Ukrainian girls treat Americans and Europeans

Apart from the weird yet understandable fetish to admire Russian girls, many people look a bit to the West and consider dating people from Ukraine as well. Hot Ukrainian girls, being (within controversy) as good-looking en masse as their cousins from Russia, do share some traits Russians don’t have. You may read more of that here.

And judging by the news, the Ukrainian people are far more lenient towards Europeans than Russians are. And if they are, why don’t people go there instead of Russia to use this fact to their advantage? All of that, and more below.

Why would people there even treat Europeans better?

It’s more political than anything, really. Since Ukrainians and Russians aren’t on good terms since forever, Ukrainians look more to the West than East now (as there’s more opportunity to deal with the West openly). Plus, Ukraine has almost no historical ties with Asia. Hence, they may proudly say that they are purely European (unlike some).

And the European Union and other institutions oblige, they give Ukraine treats and some protection of interests (doesn’t quite work out though) to make the country even more lenient. So, Ukraine obliges back: she gives Western outsiders some privileges, legalizes many things Europeans deem barbaric to outlaw, and so forth. 

The interesting thing, however, is that Ukrainians (and those hot Ukrainian girls) don’t share European values that much. An average European, who got used to values like Liberty, Peace, and Prosperity won’t quite find them here. Sure, the LGBT parades are commended now, but they are often torn down by nationalists.

The desire of Peace can’t really be felt, as representatives literally brawl inside the Parliament (not to mention the war to the East that many actually try to win by force). And Prosperity… well, it’s not really a word to describe Ukraine, it’s a pretty poor place.

So, why the lecture in politics? You might’ve already guessed, actually. It’s a bit of a disclaimer: true, the hot Ukrainian girls have a lot to desire — but what happens in the country affects people. And, by the looks of it, people here aren’t a very good match for Europeans.

Do Ukrainians even like Westerners

That’s an ultimate question, from which the answer to the one in the title must be derived. Actually, the question isn’t that simple, as always, but let’s try to figure it out.

However dull it may be, now it’s time to read some demographics. 

The country is polarized. And unlike United Kingdom, Italy, United States, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, and so many others, it’s not a North-South polarization. It’s actually a West-East one. You guessed, it has everything to do with Russia because the far-most Western parts of Ukraine became part of Russia in 1939, only 80 years ago. Unlike all the other parts, first incorporated as early as the 17th century.

So, the Western Ukrainians have zero reasons to think themselves Russian, and they largely don’t. They speak Ukrainian, have their own unique architecture, and even the religion is different. They don’t have that much in common with Russians. 

But the Eastern Ukrainians… there’s still a lot of Russian sentiment here. Even if they don’t think of themselves as Russians, they still speak their language, share many of the traditions, and the culture overall is so similar. Whatever you could learn from talking to Russian women, you may apply in this area.

The polarization also affects the attitude towards American influence. People in the West are keener to accept it, while those in the East are still more sympathetic towards Russians. Though, still, there are tensions. Most Ukrainians deem Americans as their truest allies.

Do hot Ukrainian girls prefer Europeans?

The answer to such questions may confuse because, actually, people prefer to date those closest to them in national and racial factors, while, of course, taking into account subjective qualities. That’s where rumors of such preferences mostly come from, and in the case of Ukraine, it’s even harder to know for sure if it’s a rumor.

It would be better to ask if Ukrainian women like other Europeans more than Russian women do. That’s a lot easier and more relevant.

For several reasons, people in Russia don’t really welcome Europeans and Americans that much. The attitude isn’t hostile, but improper behavior on tourist’s side may cause tensions. In such circumstances, one might expect ladies in Russia to dislike said outsiders as well. But at least the youth doesn’t.

The younger generations of women in the age of 18 to 30 don’t dislike visitors from the West that much, provided they don’t spend their time on politics. 

Many young women consider visiting Europeans interesting in most cases. You’ll have a larger chance of attracting attention if you’re European. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get anything more, it depends on how you behave.

A few Hot Ukrainian girls

In the meantime, even if people in some particular regions of Ukraine don’t like Europeans at all, there’s still a craze about everything from Europe, including people.

In contrast to Russia

Ukraine is a less hospitable and attractive place in contrast to Russia. Here European men are viewed as even more interesting. Not to dampen your expectations, but money is also important here. In case you’re in possession of such a factor, you’ll likely have an easier job hitting on some hot Ukrainian girls. Not that Ukrainians are greedier or anything, they just trust Europeans more than Russian. 

So, the answer to the question ‘Do hot Ukrainian girls prefer Europeans’ is in the way ‘yes’.

Does the location in Europe matter?

A ‘European’ is a convenient label to mark someone from this continent without digging further into his position or place of birth. Simply saying to one of these hot Ukrainian girls something along the lines ‘I am a European’ may not stand a chance if your own place of origin isn’t any better than Ukraine itself.

Different attitudes

Yes, the big World is still a presumptuous place and changing your attitude based on the interlocutor’s home country is still a viable strategy, in Ukraine too. There are many points of view, but the most taken can be united into those that either inspire a positive attitude, a neutral or a negative one. Here are some of these:

  1. A positive attitude can be guaranteed by the most developed countries (Germany, France, UK, Italy, Sweden), the most popular ones (Spain, Switzerland) or some brotherly Slavic places (like Serbia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic);
  2. A neutral attitude may be applied to people from countries that aren’t really popular these days (Denmark (despite being pretty rich), Austria, Portugal, Ireland) or from countries that have a mixed reputation among Ukrainians (Croatia, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia). 

It’s mostly employed by people who aren’t really interested in studying Europe, the ‘average people’. Those who want to get acquainted with a Westerner will know everything about every civilized country.

3. A negative attitude isn’t something rare here, take Russia for instance. There are many reasons to hate certain places. Most frequent among Ukrainians is a historical aspect. Some places wronged the nation of Ukraine a while ago, and it became stuck in the national consciousness. The list includes, for example, Poland (many attempts at subjugation and overall bad attitude), Bosnia (due to solidarity with Serbs), Romania (not so much a negative, but rather a presumptuous attitude), Albania (generally not a popular country among Orthodox Christians).

A disclaimer

Don’t take it too seriously, though. It’s just a general opinion, they will change if you show your good and kind spirit. Any European’s arrival is an interesting happening. Unless you’re Albanian. Nobody likes Albanians in Ukraine for some reason.

Picture of a talking couple

In conclusion

It’s all based on your own performance while trying to date, in the end. Whatever your country is, be it India or Botswana — your behavior is what will drive these hot Ukrainian girls to you. But in case you conveniently were French or British, you’ll surely have an easier job hitting on these ladies.

But if that’s just for research, and you haven’t yet tried to date Ukrainians, high time you’ve read more guides or watch a video like the one below: