Is your blog educational or only entertaining?

Our blog is surely educational too. The articles, essays, and reviews contain the real people’s experience, proven facts, but also some individual views and subjective interpretations. Some of our materials contain scientific researches as well, especially psychological ones.

How do I find a Ukrainian girlfriend?

Our site isn’t exactly meant for online dating, but it may help you indirectly. You can use our reviews as a source of recommended dating apps and sites. Also you can follow the links of the ads you find here. We usually cooperate with good and trustworthy dating platforms so you have big chances to find a Ukrainian soul mate. However, none of our authors and other specialists are dating agents.

Is it effective to learn from your blog and not from the others?

We never pretend our blog is the best one, we just make all possible efforts to reach that. For a better effectiveness, and if you firmly decided to bond your life with a Slavic woman, you can try to follow several blogs, watch videos about Ukrainian dating, and combine it with intensive contacting Ukrainian girls on apps and sites. Travelling to Ukraine helps too, although it’s a brave step.

Is it profitable for me to become your author?

You should realize, that first of all, we have our formed team of well-checked authors who cooperate with us for years. Another fact is that we do not reward our new authors much, it’s usually a symbolic payment or a volunteer-based contribution into our content for the users’ sake. So it’s up to you whether you want to contribute with your experience or not.

Do you enlighten Ukrainian dating from men’s position or women’s position?

We try to do both, and to be fair towards both. We are not feminist nor women-haters. We encourage both sexes to understand each other, be patient, loving, easy-going, to flirt with each other, remain committed, and positive.

Do you assist people in travelling to Ukraine?

No, it’s not included into our service. Some of our reviews and tutorials are dedicated to safe and inexpensive travelling, so you can get all the informational support you need. We have concrete articles dedicated to finding travel buddies, travelling as one’s lifestyle, and other articles are exactly about trips to Ukraine. Recommended places, companies, tips and lifehacks are included. But you cannot order the romantic tour or airline tickets through us. Some of the solutions may be in our ads.

Are some of your experts Ukrainian?

There are English-speaking authors from various countries in our team, including Eastern European ones. However, we do not reveal their personal information. You can be sure the majority of our authors had been to Ukraine at least once or have friends from there.

Is all your blog about Ukraine only?

No, you can confidently join us even if you are interested in local dating, Asian dating, Latino dating or solving problems in your recent marriage. We cover and enlighten all of these topics, general and specialized, and do our best to be useful for all categories of users. However, our blog is especially helpful for those interested in Ukrainian beauties.