Dating Ukrainian ladies online – top 10 mistakes

Ukrainian women are known for their beauty and traditional family values, and that’s exactly what western men find attractive about them. If you’d like to try dating Ukrainian ladies too, there are plenty of sites where you can try your luck. International online dating is getting more and more popular – just like we’re finding jobs, houses and cars over the internet, we’re also finding romance. One big advantage of online dating is an unlimited number of potential partners to choose from.

Besides, there are no geographic restrictions. You can date a Ukrainian girl as easily as someone next door. However, before you reach out to someone special, you need to make sure you do that the right way. Avoiding the most common mistakes man make when dating online can ensure that you have much higher chances of finding someone compatible, handing a long-distance relationship, and finally meeting the woman of your dreams face to face. Read on, for some of the miss-steps to avoid in handling an online relationship.

Dating Slavic women online on international sites

Consider paid sites over free dating services

You may wonder why you should pay for membership on a dating site when there are so many free options. Generally speaking, members of paid sites are more serious about meeting someone special. Besides, free sites are always full of scammers and frauds, so one has to be very careful when contacting people there. Of course, if you’re exceptionally lucky, it’s possible to find your life partner on a free dating site as well, but it’s rather exception than the norm.

 On paid sites, all the profiles are strictly moderated by the staff, and you can always ask for their assistance if you feel someone is trying to take advantage of you. A monthly subscription doesn’t coast much, but you can count on lots of additional options and services which are not available on free sites.

Keep your expectations realistic

Don’t expect miracles to happen simply because you’ve registered on a site for dating Ukrainian ladies. Finding your soul mate online requires lots of time and effort. Things won’t happen overnight.

Make sure your photograph is one of the ‘real you’

We don’t mean that you’ll post a photograph of someone else. Rather, there’s a strong temptation, when writing to someone online, to send them your very best photographs. You know the kind we’re talking about – the ones in which the light and everything else is so perfect that you look quite unnaturally irresistible – something like a movie star out of every girl’s dream.

However, while this may be excellent for catching a woman’s attention, it goes without saying that – at some point, sooner or later (and hopefully sooner) she’s going to want to see the real you. Moreover, she’ll probably want to meet you in person. And then she might be disappointed.

So, the best strategy here is to post pictures of yourself online that look as much as the everyday ‘you’ as possible – the ‘real you’ – no better, and no worse. The reward for doing this is a relationship with a woman who genuinely thinks that you – just as you are – are perfect for her. And isn’t that the best sort of relationship?

Pretty Ukrainian girls for dating and romance

A woman’s profile represents her mind and personality – read it well

Don’t just search for pictures that you’re ‘attracted to’ – that’s the very worst way to go about dating Ukrainian ladies online.

A woman may look like the ‘woman of your dreams’ – but, if you haven’t bothered to study her personality a little, you may not realize at first that she and you have completely incompatible personalities.

And you may waste time trying to form a bond with her, when a bond may in fact be all but impossible. So, don’t do that. This doesn’t mean that you don’t try to find someone who attracts you physically – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Find a number of profiles in which the woman attracts you, and then take the time to read each profile carefully. The profile text – the description that each woman writes of herself – this is, in fact, the most crucial part of the profile, and something that you absolutely must study carefully before contacting the woman. Look at each profile in the list you’ve drawn up. Look for real points of similarity – in the woman’s character and personality, and in her way of looking at the world.

 Other things that are equally important are shared interests that will brighten your life together. Do you both like nature and travelling? That you lead to a life where you take wonderful trips together. Do you both like a certain genre of movies? Or books? And so on. Look for points of similarity, things you can share. Don’t waste time on contacting a woman, however attractive, whose profile doesn’t offer these points of similarity.

Be patient

The previous point brings us to the next one – be patient when dating Ukrainian ladies online. The first few profiles you read might not suit you exactly. One might be of a woman who is very attractive, but who is completely unlike you. The second might be of a reasonable person in terms of personality and character, but who doesn’t attract you at all.

Don’t try to immediately contact someone who doesn’t satisfy your instincts and character.

This is unfair, both to yourself and to her. Instead, take your time, continue going through profiles, and contact only those you think you can actually form a long term relationship with. There is someone out there for you – if you are hasty, and try to bond with someone unsuitable for you, you might actually miss the person who would be perfect for you. So take your time, go through all the profiles, shortlist the ones you like the best, and contact them. This is certainly one path to potential happiness. Patience is o ne of the conditions of being successful in dating a Ukrainian woman.

Be careful when writing to many women

It’s always convenient to contact a few girls from the same city or small town. When you’re ready to make a trip to Ukraine, it will be easier to meet them all and see which one is your perfect match. However, these girls could actually know each other in real life. It’s alright to contact many girls in the initial stages of online dating, but when things get more serious, a woman would expect you to have an online romantic relationship only with her. If you insist on keeping more than one connection before coming to Ukraine, make sure the girls are from different cities, so it would be highly unlikely that they know each other.

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Beautiful Ukrainian ladies for dating, love and marriage

Make your intentions clear

Of course, everyone on a dating site has more or less the same intentions – to meet someone special for love and romance. However, if a girl is interested in marriage and kids, and you’re planning to be friends for a considerable period of time before starting a romantic relationship, you should say so. It’s not nice to give a woman a false hope, especially when dating Ukrainian ladies. Women in Ukraine are very romantic and sensitive, they start dreaming of a prince charming since they’re very small, so they take love matters very seriously.

Make sure your messages are personal and original

It’s so much easier to write a generic “about myself” type of letter and send them to all the woman you like on a dating site. However, stock introductions are easily recognizable, and a woman will know you didn’t bother going through her profile. If you didn’t take trouble to write her a personal letter, why should she reply? Try to find something in her profile you could comment on. For example, similar hobbies or views on marriage.

If a girl doesn’t respond, don’t stalk her

If you find profile of a woman who sounds like your perfect match, don’t get frustrated if she doesn’t respond. There are plenty of gorgeous girls on these sites, so the best thing you can do is move on.

Don’t correspond for too long

Dating Ukrainian women online is extremely exciting, but no girl wants to exchange messages and video chat forever. It will be fair to let a woman know when you’re going to make a trip to Ukraine.

We’ve pointed out just a few common mistakes foreign men make when dating Ukrainian ladies. But the truth is, everyone’s experience is different.