Can you buy love from Ukrainian ladies for money?

The popular idea, encouraged by profanities on the Internet, says that the Ukrainian ladies are easy to buy if you understand the meaning of it. It’s pretty unfair, even if this statement was true, to project this entire belief onto the entire nation, but it seems that’s exactly what’s happening.

Even though it’s one of those flimsy rumors people want to believe without much grounding, that’s one of the factors why people give a chance to Ukrainian ladies. However sad it may be. So, let’s see exactly how much grounding these statements have and what to do about it.

Where the idea comes from

Such things aren’t easy to trace, but it probably has some root on the Internet, specifically — on the forums and image-boards the Europeans liked to use back in the day. 

The Europeans, you see, love to roast each other, especially Slavs. Sometimes you can witness a very long — and still ongoing — quarrel between multiple Slavs on one website or another, and wonder if all this hate is a real thing or if it’s just some kind of sick humor the Slavs keep in secret amongst themselves. It seems almost surreal how people from neighboring countries can blame each other for the events that happened more than 100 years ago. 

Today, of course, these quarrels are less frequent, as users became more mature and less ignorant towards Net-security over the years. But the stigmas developed back in the Golden age of the Internet warring are still present and wide-known even outside of Europe, all due to the Internet, as always.

And, as you know, what people online say isn’t necessarily true, they often just take the idea and carry it on because it seems fun. 

Where they got the idea from

Still, the question stands — where exactly did this belief come from? The Internet doesn’t often invent stuff, people there magnify and twist the already existing information. As with many things, this looks plausible because of the economic situation back in Ukraine that doesn’t improve greatly since the late 80s, driving people out of the country in droves.

Due to the fact that the Ukrainian education isn’t the most prestigious in the large world, the emigrated Ukrainians often were given not that prestigious job either, including being sex workers. There was and is not many of them overall or in proportion, but the label stuck, it seems. Even now Ukraine has the ‘fame’ of a country that ‘exports most of Europe’s prostitutes’, which isn’t very mature. 

By the way, don’t mention this ‘fact’ in Ukraine, unless you want to be murdered very badly.

What bearing does it have on reality?

Even if the fact that the Ukrainian ladies are more obtainable had any reason behind it, it still doesn’t apply to your cause very much. 

You might think that it may apply differently, because a westerner with the funds is always welcome in a poor country, hence the abundance of women around him. That, however, has nothing to do with the women being Ukrainian or the prosperity of the country you’re visiting. The same welcome can be met in virtually any country in the world if you have the resourced and a charming personality.

But this is probably not what you want from any Ukrainian ladies that may date you in the future. Of course, you can always try and buy your way into the relationship for the intimacy or for the show, if you really want to waste your money or if that’s how you choose to spend your leisure time.

If you want a genuine relationship, however, there’s another way you can use your money around the Ukrainian ladies.

Image of not genuine relationship

Being supportive

When looking for Ukrainian ladies to hit on, consider now showing that you have funds (if you have them). Build your first impression upon your personality, rather. Show your quality, sense of humor, etc, but store the money for another purpose.

But later, when the relationship is already a certainty, consider using your money reasonably:

  1. Pay for something small she needs/wants;
  2. Help pay for something large (don’t just run in to cover all the bills, unless the situation is dire);
  3. Buy gifts occasionally

Don’t think, however, that it’s the panacea against all problems in a relationship or even this one issue, it’s just one way to shape your relationship to be something more than ‘an exchange’. Use your own head, too.

It’s very obvious, really. Sharing your funds correctly is more influential than you think. It gives the right idea that you’re generous, caring and sensitive, yet, should you now spend it excessively, sets your position in a relationship as something more than just a moneybag.

Being shrewd is also important

Luckily, you’ve adopted the philosophy that buying something you should earn personally is stupid. If you did, you’ll try to avoid being cared about solely because of your money. As you may know, sometimes it’s not your initiative to pay for something your girlfriend wants, that’s why you need to be shrewder when you pick your future partner.

Start by picking not only good-looking women, but also those that share your hobbies, interests and generally seem akin to your personality. It will ensure that your relationship is going to be smoother.

Is money relationship considered normal in Ukraine?

The way you approach your relationship is your own choice, it may not exactly reflect the social norms of the country you landed yourself in. Yes, as was mentioned, if you so desire to find people who only want your money from you — you’ll find them, but is it easy to find such people in Ukraine?

Image of an interested woman

What are these ‘people’ anyway?

The thing is, anytime you deal with any individual, you don’t get an either black or white opinion on him/her, obviously. The same goes for the current subject — the relationship won’t be either ingenuine or genuine. If a woman seems to like the sight of your cash, she probably also likes your personality to a degree (unless she has no principle what-so-ever, but that’s not exactly every day that you meet such people).

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to give folks labels like that — even you wouldn’t reject someone if she had something you really wanted. Why should money be seen as something spoiling? Still, the question stands — is it OK to date people not for what they are but for what they have in Ukraine? The answer is probably ‘yes’, but you should keep in mind that it’s even more OK for the Ukrainian ladies to date someone because they like the person.

Dating without monetary stimulus

What most tend to forget is the fact that being not very well provided not only makes one sweet on money but also shapes a person to be less dependent on it. So, if you come to this country on a tight budget, the local Ukrainian ladies won’t just turn away from you. 

On the contrary, depending on a mindset, you may get your relationship built atop the fact that you’re both not very secure in this sense. Especially if you’re both just students and the only solid thing you both have is yourself. 

In conclusion

It’s not only unfair to project any belief upon the entire country or even a smaller group of people, but it’s also not very helpful either. If you get to know the Ukrainians as they are, you’ll surely build your own opinion, maybe it’ll even be totally different from what you’ve read or heard.

So, the conclusion of the story is — it’s true that you can buy your way into love with Ukrainian ladies, but it’s also true that you cannot. It’s also true that all depends to some point on your own behavior, personality and general position. 

What you’ve grasped from this article may prove prophetic or just stupid when you’re face to face with a woman from Ukraine. How’s it useful then? Well, now you know at least that Ukrainians aren’t really obtainable, but money isn’t something they’ll turn down, especially if a sharing gentleman like yourself offers it. 

Hopefully, you aren’t disappointed with this article, though it certainly gave you something to think about. If it doesn’t comfort you, you can try another article on this website. Or, there’s also the video you can watch to get some further advice: