Choosing a dating agency: paid or free?

Nowadays, the Web offers a huge number of dating sites, both paid and free. Those independent and self-confident are recommended paid services. If you rather not feel belonging to the group or just avoid making payments online, use free Ukrainian dating sites. Though, paid marriage websites are good for two reasons:

1. The customer is always right. If you pay for the service, then you can demand high quality features. You pass no competitive selection; your profile is promoted in all possible ways, and you get the highest priority in your search.

2. Perhaps the only place where a lot of girls communicate with the lesser number of guys is paid dating sites. More precisely, an approximately equal number of men and women register at a matchmaker, though women are rather reluctant to pay. So you have all chances to feel like a king, with the cost for the service being unlikely higher than a café bill.

Note: we do not recommend paying money to any marriage agency. To avoid going deeper, we simply say the following: if you choose a Ukrainian dating service, keep in mind there are plenty of free ones among them, those quite quality and well-thought. If they ask you money for a bride, the probability of fraud is high.

Not quite confident of a ‘free lunch’? Better spend your money on some really good marriage site. Never paid by credit card online? Ask someone from your friends to pay for the service and give them money back in cash. The only thing you might is knowledge of the language. In case you choose to marry a foreign lady, be sure to learn her language, at least the basics.

How to find time for online dating, if you are very busy?

Modern pace of life leaves little time for personal activity. How one can grasp a little time to get to know someone online? Oddly enough, in order to maintain an online conversation and make new friends, you need a sufficient amount of time. About the same time interval that is required for ordinary, real relationship. Perhaps even more time, since your attention will be focused not on one particular person, but several girls at once. Therefore, being pressed for time, you are not being able to meet a potential candidate to start a family.

Use a separate mailbox for letters

It’s very handy when letters from your new online friends come to one email address or in a special folder you created. This way you save time during the day.

For example, after work, you can easily check who wrote you a message, immediately responding to the new posts. This way of storing information is much more convenient than, say, a notification on the phone, which can be distracting during the next date.

Do not waste time viewing statistics

Action is always better than inaction. What we mean is one should not waste his time on people who just viewed your profile writing no message. Focus on those who choose dropping a few lines to you. Who knows, this may lead to an interesting acquaintance.

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